Nureddin Yıldız

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Nureddin Yıldız Biography

He was born in the district/county of Trabzon. He acquired  his basic religious education from his father Hilmi Yildiz Hocaefendi (Shaykh) and became a hafiz at the age of eight. He studied at Gaziosmanpasa Imam Hatip High School in Istanbul. He began writing articles and translating news weekly in various newspapers, as well as continuing to preach, while he was attending high school.

During his studies, he undertook some active duties in Milli Turk Talebe Birligi (National Turkish Students Union) and Akincilar Teskilati (Raiders Organisation). After graduating from Imam Hatip high school, he studied for one year at Marmara University Faculty of Theology. After that, he moved to Mecca to continue his education at Umm al Qura University. He graduated from the same university majoring in  Usul al Fiqh. During his stay in Mecca, he took private lessons and received an ijazah from a number of well known shaykhs of hadith including the great muhaddith Abul Fattah Abu Gudde, the great Indian scholar Abul Hasen an-Nadwi and one the last scholars of the Ottomans Mehmet Emin Sarac Hocaefendi (shaykh).

After returning to Istanbul, he began his education and civil society activities.He has carried out a number of projects in the fields of hifz and religious education in various institutions and organisations.

In the field of civil society, he has pioneered in laying the foundation for a number of civil society organisations and is still undertaking active duties in those organisations.

He has delivered thousands of seminars and conferences within the scope of tablig and irshad on the following topics: marriage, children and family education, raising awareness among the youth, akhlaq of Islam, organisational education, raising awareness among the Ummah and so on. He also writes periodically in Altinoluk, Hukum, Ribat, Reyhan and ElifElif magazines.

He is currently serving in Sosyal Doku Vakfi. He is married and has four children. He is one of the first members of The World Union of Scholars from Turkey and also the founding member of The Union of Scholars in Turkey. He gives regular lectures at Sosyal Doku Vakfi at weekends during the academic year.

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He has translated 7 works, taken part in 3 commission researches in Islamic Fiqh and Encyclopedias of Social Sciences. He has written 35 books and currently has been working on 4 other books.


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